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    Our enthusiastic team has created a funny and easy card game on the epic and complicated world of fantasy.

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  • Bumblings the funtas card game

    Funny side of fantasy

    People may think fantasy is always heroic and tragic... well, here is the evidence it's not true!

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The funtasy card game

Comic characters, great battles, easy rules and icons guarantee the unforgettable entertainment for everyone, irrespectively of age, gender or spoken language.

What is the secret?

There's no secret. The reasons, why this game will be your favourite card game, are the following:

Funny cards

Unique dice

Easy rules


"I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose."

Woody Allen

Let's play!

You just need some dice, a deck of cards and someone you can fight against (it's for 2-4 players). Well, finding opponents is your business, but cards and dice are provided by us!

  • Brood starter deck
  • Damned starter deck
  • Outlaw starter deck
  • Zealot starter deck

Starter packs

One pack is one deck; buy it, try it, love it! And if it's not enough, buy more packs and build your own, uniqe and exciting deck! If you have all the starter packs, don't worry, expansions will arrive soon!

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  • Custom dice preview
  • Custom dice preview

The dice has been cast

Forget boring dice! Our dice are unique, they're made specifically for Bumblings. During the game players can use three Bumblings dice to get resources, they can be the same but they can be different, too. For beginners, our basic dice are recommended, but we will offer you more and more kinds of special Bumbling dice, so you'll have the exciting chance to select the most appropriate dice for your deck!

Wow, I want that!

Choose your army!

Who will fight for you? Zealots, Broods, Outlaws or the Damned?


Terrifying creatures, who don't have any idea about where they are and what to do.


Necromancers, undead and ghosts try to find the meaning of death.


Thieves are clever and skillful... except they are dull and clumsy.


Fanatic knights and priests who fight the good fight, whatever it may be.

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